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Our History

At a Glance

Sidek Teoh Wong & Dennis was founded on the 1st day of August 1989.

The establishment of the firm saw the merger of two successful Kuala Lumpur firms and was predicated on the importance a broader legal worldview in developing innovative and effective legal services.

By constantly adapting to meet the demands of modern legal practice, Sidek Teoh Wong and Dennis has established itself as a reputable firm with respected clients.

what we do

Practice Areas

At STWD, our commitment to excellence extends across a broad spectrum of legal domains. With a team of highly skilled and diverse legal professionals, we specialise in a multitude of practice areas to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. From Real Estate and Project Financing to Banking Litigation and Construction disputes our comprehensive expertise ensures that we can adeptly navigate the complexities of various legal landscapes. Whether you require guidance in business ventures, property transactions, contractual disputes, or employment law we stand ready to provide you with tailored and strategic legal solutions. Your legal challenges are unique, and so is our ability to address them with practical and efficient solutions.

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