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Corporate Advisory

As legal advisors and negotiators, our team offers the full range of legal skills required to take a business through from incorporation to listing on the local stock exchange. Our services in this field include advising on company law, incorporation, privatisation, corporate reorganization and other corporate securities related matters. Our lawyers routinely deal with government and regulatory authorities such as the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and the Foreign Investment Committee.

At STWD, our advisory services encompass a thorough examination of our clients’ financial needs and debt structures, guiding them in implementing legal solutions to attain financial stability. We advise on the necessary adjustment plans, enabling companies to adapt to evolving economic conditions and market scenarios.

We are actively engaged with clients at all stages of negotiations, proposals and agreement, and we take charge of coordinating and managing the formalization of all essential documents required to complete the process. This involves standstill and refinancing agreements, along with handling court approval proceedings, if necessary. Our aim is to guide our clients through the complexities of financial restructuring, ensuring a comprehensive and legally sound approach to achieve their financial stability goals.

When pursuing collaborative ventures, STWD takes the lead in meticulously negotiating and crafting comprehensive agreements that meet our clients’ objectives.

Our firm brings a wealth of dedicated expertise committed to going beyond the fundamentals. We offer tailored solutions to specifically address our clients’ unique business needs. Our unwavering focus remains on mitigating potential misunderstandings and safeguarding the interests of all parties involved. We assure absolute clarity on roles and anticipated outcomes, aiming not only to facilitate a prosperous collaboration but also to elevate the overall success of our clients’ ventures.

In order to ensure smooth partnerships and long-term growth, our team deftly negotiates the intricacies of business collaborations and provides individualized solutions. Our experienced team is able to advise and assist in all corporate matters related to incorporation and restructuring.

We aim to provide strategic solutions for our clients, whether new alliances are being established or existing ones are being optimized. Our firm assists clients to navigate the complexities of partnership matters, transforming challenges into opportunities and ensuring business relationships thrive.

Conducting legal due diligence is a methodical and well-coordinated process, with its scope influenced by various factors such as the transaction size and complexity, level of confidentiality, type of industry, and the relationship dynamics among the parties involved.

At STWD, our lawyers are typically designated to lead the legal due diligence process on behalf of our clients, often prospective buyers, investors or financiers. Our team is also responsible for preparing essential documents, including transaction documents, specifying the terms and conditions, representations, warranties, and disclaimers.

Our firm is committed to excellence and is meticulous in ensuring that every due diligence exercise is undertaken in a clear and transparent manner, with well-defined plans to minimize the risk of oversight in the due diligence process.

Our team is dedicated to advising our clients on the most suitable approach for the specific circumstances and the identified goals for the transaction and aims to effectively complete the process with minimal disruption to the business and limiting any potential losses.

Drawing on the transactional experience of our lawyers, we have represented a diverse range of clients, including public and private companies, private equity firms, investment banks, other institutions as well as individuals.

Our team regularly assists clients to navigate the complexities of franchising, providing professional corporate services to support clients in the establishment and scale of their businesses.

Our team is particularly skilled in advising on all commercial and legal aspects of franchise ventures, providing clients with a comprehensive understanding of the corporate, commercial, and regulatory aspects involved.

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