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Corporate Banking

Our legal professionals possess expertise in both Islamic Finance and Conventional Finance, thereby augmenting the team’s range and comprehensive advisory capabilities. We regularly advise financial institutions, corporate entities (including offshore and foreign entities, in addition to domestic stakeholders), as well as clients from both the public and private sectors.

Our team is experienced in advising on various Islamic financial services, such as Bai’ Bithaman Ajil Financing Facility, Istisna’ project financing, Ijarah Al-Muntahiyah Bit Tamlik, Musyarakah and Mudharabah, for both direct financing and private debt securities.  We also have significant expertise in the development of Islamic products and practices for numerous banks and financial organizations. 

Our team specializes in providing sophisticated legal support for Islamic finance structuring and product development, including meticulous documentation of Islamic financing facilities to ensure comprehensive and compliant financial arrangements. We offer guidance across various areas, such as venture capital and private equity funding structured on the basis of Musyarakah and Mudharabah including Product Development, Islamic Home Financing, slamic Consumer Financing, Direct Islamic Financing, Syndicated Islamic Financing, Ijarah, Mudharabah, Musyarakah, and Islamic Debt Papers.

At STWD, we aim to provide financial services in a manner that aligns with Islamic principles, emphasizing risk-sharing, ethical conduct, and economic justice. The industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, and many conventional financial institutions also offer Islamic banking products to cater to a diverse customer base.

Our firm is known for its skill and expertise in handling complex corporate banking concerns. We are honoured and proud to be empanelled solicitors for numerous local and foreign banks and financial institutions. We are adept at giving strategic guidance for various types of banking transactions and services through our familiarity with operational complexities, regulatory frameworks, and transactional structures.

We have considerable experience in advising on all forms of Malaysian securities laws, floatation, bonds and private debt securities issues, and business expansion schemes. Our team of lawyers are also well versed in all commercial and investment banks services and other financial institutions in handling various forms and sizes of financing transactions. Financial legal services provided include those involving all banking and financial securities, commercial and business transactions, corporate banking, retail banking, bridging financing, overseas banking finances, project financing, and rescheduling/restructuring.

In today’s ever-changing financial environment, we redefine traditional banking by providing unmatched insights and solutions to our clients to support them in attaining their goals.

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